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YWCA Lincoln continues a 133-year legacy of developing sound character, building strong minds and bodies, and empowering young women. Our programs are made possible through friends like you! Let Keely share her YWCA experience:

"I want to thank you for sponsoring me for Camp Summergold and making it possible for me to attend. The experience was very educational and lots of fun! It was enjoyable to be around girls who had such a positive outlook and wanted to create change. I most definitely want to go again! Thanks, YWCA for introducing me to Camp Summergold and I hope we can hang out again sometime soon! Many thanks - Keely"

Your gifts enable young women to participate in programs, regardless of ability to pay. Your generosity builds the next generation of leaders for our community. Please make a gift today to enable more young women like Keely to become the kind of women our community needs!

Advocacy comes from all sources--big or small.